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Whether your workspace is a small business office, work from home space or study, it needs to be organised, functional and practical.

An organised workspace is essential for an efficient work environment, increasing productivity and allowing you to focus on your work.

How To Organise Your Workspace for an Efficient work Environment ​

To create functional and practical workspace, keep your desk as clear as possible with only essentials: Laptop / Monitor, necessary files and folders for daily work, minimal stationary and some personal items for the soul.

Files and Folders Organisation

Keep it simple and have the bare minimum of physical files and folders on your desk (Inbox, outbox, do to and filing). I love to use the simple modest magazine holder as it doesn’t take much space. 

Colour coding is a great way to create visually appealing space while making it easy to find what you need.

Stationary Organisation

Office supply should be accessible, but at the same time should not take up too much space on your desk.
Keep on your desk only stationary used daily (pens, highlighters).
The rest of the items should be kept in a drawer in your desk or on a shelf nearby. Organise the stationary in the drawers in categorised compartments (staples, markers, sticky notes, printing accessories etc).

Personal items on your desk

Keep only a couple of personal items (family photo, souvenirs, kids special craft) to keep you motivated.

White Space

White space is a term from the visual arts/design world that refers to as negative space. It is the empty space left between the words and images.

To use this terminology into our workspace, white space should be an empty space on your desk that should be kept clear. Use this place to do your work, whatever it might be, sign documents, design, sketch and so on. Items you use for the current project can be left on this space, but once the project is done, put everything back and clear the space for the next project. The rest of the desk should always be tidy.

Chargers and cables

We all use multiple electronics on a daily basis – mobile phones, iPads, laptops, printers and more. The cords and charges of all these electronics on the desk do not only take valuable workspace they are also quite annoying, to be honest, and can also be dangerous. Try to create a charging station for all electronics near your desk close to a power point and keep the cords tidy. If you have too many cords you can label them, so you know exactly which cord belongs to which electronic device. This will help you to create a clutter-free workspace.

My Top Tips For Organised Workspace

  • Tidy up regularly
  • Keep on the desk only items used on a daily basis

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