Important Documents to Keep

Last updated on September 5th, 2020 at 12:09 am

Gathering and organising important documents is essential. 

Have you ever been looking for a document you need to fill up a form and couldn’t remember where you put it? Have you ever had an emergency and needed to quickly find an important document?

Here are a few suggestions for what type of documents you should keep
  1. Contact information: your contact information (nearest relatives, will executor) and your emergency contacts’ information.

  2. Legal – Will, A living will (advance healthcare directive), testamentary trust, power of attorney, pre paid funeral arrangements, retirement plans.

  3. Personal – birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce papers, citizenship, visa, Passport and travel documents.

  4. Finance – bank accounts, investments, credit card, loans, tax file number.

  5. Insurance policies – life, home and contents, car, health.

  6. Home – Mortgage, house deeds, home and content insurance.

  7. Superannuation documents

  8. Health records – Immunisation records, allergies, dietary restrictions, medications, medical/surgical treatments.

  9. Vehicle – title, rego, insurance.

  10. Pet information – Vet contact information, important medical note.

so get organised and create a folder with all important documents. Tell a loved one, a family member or a close friend where to find the folder. Scan the documents to create a digital copy.